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Making Biochar
in a 55-gallon TLUD
3rd Burn
Thursday, February 2, 2012

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With our third TLUD test burn, we're confident we've mastered basic design, consruction and operation. We'll do a few more TLUD test burns to refine our equipment and operating procedures, and assemble components for a permanent, earth-sheltered TLUD with ceramic fiber, windows, ports, caps, taps, and other improvements.

Monday is my 62nd birthday, so we'll celebrate with our first nightime burn. In evening, Kansas winds subside, so a burn is less difficult and dangerous. I'll get beautiful flame photos and videos, maybe a hot chimney glowing cherry red.

In the afternoon, we'll upgrade equipment, break up brush, and load the barrel for the evening burn. Then we'll have a birthday dinner at Blue Planet Cafe in downtown Topeka.
VIDEO: TLUD Test Burn #3
3 min 29 sec; 7.8 Mbytes, .mov

Come on over to join our inspiring Groundhog Day + 4 fire ceremony.

Come and see for yourself the huge amount of energy in 50 gallons of stems and twigs.

Learn to harness controlled, smokeless combustion at home to sequester carbon, reverse global warming and mitigate climate change.

Learn to use charcoal, compost and sea minerals to create fully fertile, living soil to grow nutrient-dense food.

Imagine the benefits of renewable energy from biomass fuels, nutrient-dense food from sustainable farms and community-centered systems for food and energy.

with a TLUD
how-to workshop
10am Saturday
March 31
4 Oaks Farm
Gas from Biomass
the renewable alternative to

Learn to burn carbon-negative
Learn to live in the 21st Century
Create carbon accountable culture


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Lettuce Seedlings
Trials with Biochars
Saratoga Apple, Summer 2010
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Nutrient Dense Farming
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