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Making Biochar
in a 55-gallon TLUD
4th Burn
Monday, February 6, 2012

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February 6th is the birthday of US President Ronald Reagan. Third world rasta revolutionary Bob Marley was also born on February 6. I'm honored to share my birthdate with two iconic figure of global culture.

So, Monday we celebrated my 62nd birthday with our first nightime burn and fire ceremony. Several minutes were needed to get my carbon-negative candle lit, but eventually a bright yellow light burst forth into the darkness as enchanted revelers erupted into an ancient sacred song.

But the firelight show had just begun.
VIDEO: carbon-negative candle
56 sec; 2.1 Mbytes, .mov

After a slow start, the burn ran nearly an hour and smoothly. The fiery aura around the chimney cap grew steadily until flames flicked over two feet downwind. The early chattering of flames rushing up the chimney became a subdued, sedate whoosh.

with a TLUD
how-to workshop
10am Saturday
March 31
4 Oaks Farm
Gradually, flames became less the yellow and orange of wood fire, and more the etheral, transparent red of a gas flare.

Everyone is impressed by my carbon-negative birthday candle.

We also celebrated the birth of this new carbon-negative technology that can reform our use of fire, and teach us to use fire in ways that aren't destructive, but rather, regenerative, renewable and sustainable.
Gas from Biomass
the renewable alternative to

Intelligent use of controlled combustion in containers can create clean, hot, smokeless, high efficiency fire from any kind of biomass. An upgrade in technology to pyrolysis in a sealed retort and water-cooled condenser will allow us to capture the generated energy as gas and liquid biofuels.

Co-create carbon accountable culture.
Learn to burn carbon-negative.
Learn to live in the 21st Century.


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