Growing with Biochar
USDA SARE grant project

KAW Valley Biochar
Lawrence, Kansas
Lulu's Garden
Biochar Test Plot

1849 North 800 Road, Baldwin City, KS
Pam Bramlett, Devin Gerling, Dylan Konek
May 28, 2013
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Growing with Biochar
provides information, answers and resources
to sustainable farmers, gardeners, nuseries, educators
how to practice carbon-smart farming
based on Biological Agriculture
to grow nutrient-dense cool-food.

Growing with Biochar
is funded by a grant from USDA SARE
Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education.
to help growers intelligently, successfully test biochar
in research & demonstration test beds
on farms in the Lawrence, Kansas foodshed.

Growing with Biochar
has a primary goal to draft and publish a
Grower Manual of Carbon-Smart Farming
—effective instructions to make, prepare & use biochar
in production agriculture of nutrient-dense food,
and to sequester carbon, to begin a long, slow journey
to mitigate climate change.

Lawrence Sustainability
Vajra Farm
KAW Permaculture
Sustainability Action Network
Lawrence Edible Forest Project
International Biochar Initiative

U.S. Biochar Initiative

SCD Probiotics
Mycorrhizal Applications
Mycorrhizae: Building Your Soil
Growing with Biochar
SARE grant Biochar proposal
Growing with Biochar
KAW Valley Biochar
Biochar on the Farm

Biochar in Soil
4 M's to Prepare Biochar
Using Biochar in Soil
World Class Soils

Carbon-Smart Farming
Let Freedom Ring!

"Cool-Food" Labeling

TLUD Fabrication & Operation

Woodgas Power & Biofuels
Woodgas Wizard Wayne Keith
Woodgas History

Nutrient-Dense Food
Nutrient-Dense Introduction
Nutrient-Dense Campaign
Nutrient-Dense at Saratoga Apple

Sea Minerals
Sea Energy in Agriculture
Nutrient-Dense Dairy Farming
Nutrient-Dense Milk
American Bison
SeaAgri: SEA-90 distributor


the story
the source
the miracle
the promise
Research & Demonstration
Biochar Test Plots
Vajra Farm
Hoyland Farm
Lulu's Garden
Moon on the Meadow
Buller Family Farm
Common Ground
Give Growers Guidance
on the Farm
SARE-funded project

Lawrence, Kansas

Let Freedom Ring!
Geology into Biology

Carbon, Minerals & Microbes
Venturi Vortex
TLUD Biochar Burner

optimum combustion
Lettuce Seedling
Trials with Biochars

Saratoga Apple, Summer 2010
The 4 M's

Preparing Biochar
for use in soil


grow food in changing climate
Eating Our Way
to a Sustainable Future

answers to climate calamity
Nutrient Dense Farming
at Saratoga Apple

KAW Valley Biochar     Growing with Biochar: a USDA SARE grant project     4/21/2013