Osco Temple
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Earthwork Ring
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Water Angel
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Onondaga Lake
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Stone Megaliths
aerial photo
Looking North
Auburn State Prison (top center); Downtown Auburn (upper right)
to a Finger Lakes Earth Mystery
Osco Temple
Earth Mounds
of Fort Hill Cemetery
Auburn, New York

David Yarrow
© March 1987 all rights reserved

Sketch Maps
preliminary sketch map
Principal Mound Complex
Osco Earth Temple, Auburn, New York

In upstate New York, 30 miles west of Syracuse, sits Owasco Lake, fourth in the westward chain of Finger Lakes across the heart of NY. At its north end, a stream carries Owasco water north to Lake Ontario, last in a string of Great Lakes issuing from the heart of the continent. The Finger Lakes are the gateway into North America's interior—boundary between Ontario Lake Plain and Appalachian highlands to the south.
preliminary sketch map
Main Mound Summit
showing earthworks, water veins and energy channels

As it flows north, Owasco Outlet soon turns west for nearly two miles before flowing north again. Along this short bend in the Owasco stream, in the last 200 years, the small, quiet city of Auburn has sprung up. On the highest point of land south of this westward bend, surrounded on all sides by Auburn, is Osco, a prehistoric "Indian mound"—silent witness to an ancient and forgotten age of human history.

preliminary sketch map
Main Mound Complex
showing water veins and energy channels

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